Maxicroc is the winner of the Safety Product of the Year 2017 delivered by Swiss Society of Fire Protection and Safety Specialists

The Swiss Society of Fire Protection and Safety Specialists is an independent body dedicated to the safety of people, animals and property. The company was founded in 1977. It has more than 600 members in all areas of security. The VBSF/SSPS provides a platform for regular exchanges of information and experiences among its members and with all sectors concerned with security. As such, it is a competent and credible partner for all kinds of security issues. Every year since 1992, the SSPS has been distributing a safety award that highlights an innovative product in the field of safety.

Maxicroc is the 2017 winner.

Maxicroc is an easy-to-use Swiss made device which enables you to pass a rope around a distant object in order to secure it. Maxicroc is a brand new invention which has been tested by professionals in various fields and used to increase their performance, their efficiency and their safety at work. You can find more details on our website:

Evenhook will receive the award at the SSPS General Assembly, which will be held in Zürich during the Safety fair “Sicherheit” on the 14th November 2017 at 4:30pm.