New client : Taillens & Fils in Lausanne, Switzerland

Specialized in fire protection equipment, Taillens & Fils Sàrl has been serving professionals since 1929.

Active throughout Switzerland, its head office is located in Lausanne.

Today, Taillens & Fils Sàrl is one of the leading companies in the field of fire protection at Swiss level and continues to develop its French and German-speaking clientele thanks to active representation in these regions.

Since many years, the company has become a must for security and firefighting professionals, mainly municipalities, ECAs, fire departments, civil protection and the army.

The extension of the company and the development of the assortment required in 2014 the development of new more spacious premises in Romanel-sur-Lausanne.

They decided to buy some maxicrocs in order to test them and decide if they want to integrate it into their catalog.